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The House of Fun

Some thoughts

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Some thoughts

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...after hearing Jeanette Winterson at the Southbank Centre, and why I don’t like questions and answers.

Perhaps JW suggested that we leave our jobs and stop buying things, that we take to the streets and protest vocally, that we be personal and political, that we stop using words which need to be explained because they mean nothing, and read and write the work and stop talkingandtalking about and over it, and that we forgive or take revenge or die.

Perhaps these are just the scraps that remain in my head because they are what I want to remember. Perhaps pasted back into their context, they are part of a much less revolutionary talk of books to take to a desert island and happiness and god-children.

When she was a child, books were forbidden and so she hid a stash of fiction beneath her mattress. She slept on the spines and fleshy pages of fiction. Her mother found the treasure trove and flung each book out of the window, and built a paper and paraffin bonfire in the yard below.
  In the morning, the embers still pulsed with heat. Scraps of writing were scattered around the yard like leaves.

On questions and answers: do we ask questions because we want to hear the answer or to show that we know a lot of words? And is a question still a question if you cannot deduce the query from a length of speech purporting* to be one?

* Did I use the word ‘purporting’ just to prove that I know it?

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