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Regrets of the day

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Regrets of the day

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*  The casual, breezy email that I sent to a new friend.  The words casual and breezy may have been in the heading.  Does this negate the casual/ breezy tone of said email?

*  The spontaneous photocopier chat gone wrong.  My director of finance: so, any exciting plans for the weekend?  Me: yes.  A long silence follows, in which I do not elaborate.  Eventually he leaves.

*  This cardigan.  It is pink but a different shade of pink than I believed.  It does not match my nails.  This upsets me every time I see my hands and attached sleeves.  Like now.  And now.  And – well, you can imagine.

*  Bus journey to work this morning.  Saw the very old lady get on the bus.  Waited slightly too long to see if someone else would get up.  Spent a lot of rest of bus journey trying to get her attention to give her a seat - eventually determined she did not want seat - tried to persuade her she did.  Had invested too much to give in.  Finally had to get off bus early and walk, as social embarrassment too great.

*  The amusing cat-in-heat picture I sent to our designer to illustrate my frustration and growing desperation re. the brokenness of our website.  Scores highly for friendly office banter.  Less well when forwarded in group email.

*  TBC
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