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All these things that I've done...

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All these things that I've done...

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I have...

Watched the second half of series 2, Ally McBeal - was previously put off by a run of frog episodes early in the series, following the misadventures of john cage's ambhibian friend (which largely involved him/it ending up in a toilet bowl).  Why the writers felt the need for several separate frog-centric episodes mystifies me - but then they got over it, and the rest of series 2 is really very enjoyable.  I do enjoy a nice neurotic self-obsessed protagonist.

Also started watching series 3 of Ally McBeal (spotting a theme here?).  In the absence of katy, I worried that the TV might get lonely without its regular fix of attention, so have been acting as proxy.  Quite enjoyable, might consider taking up this TV watching lark on regular basis.

Had more driving lessons.  Booked theory test.  Not crashed.  None of these things make me any happier about operating a big engine on wheels maneouvring around other mad motorised future-vehicles.  Nonetheless, will dutifully fail test this summer, if only to stop my grandfather popping up and muttering "still not passed yet?" in helpful manner.

Seen gillian.  Exciting.  Ate unfeasably large "snack platter" at Slug & LEttuce, who had amusingly decided that the vegetable crudites had to be deep fried (presumably they thought they wouldn't fit in with the other snacks and might be taunted by the onion rings).  Temporarily flooded in so had so drink many frozen margaritas. Basic survival skill.

Been to a very scary new tango class, where they actually dance in an ocho-tastic twirly swirly frenzy.  Was much like one of those nightmare sequences where you find yourself flying a plane and realise that you have neglected to take any plane flying lessons beforehand... It will, apparently, get better and less terrifying. In the meantime, I can enjoy feeling incompetent (and that, at least, I do well).

Spent week managing office while boss is away on steam train holiday (I don't know exactly what this entails, but assume.. looking at/riding on lots of steam trains?) - if picking up piles of paper and moving them to slightly different places in room can be called managing.*  Working in legacies has the advantage of being fairly laid back; everyone being already dead and unlikely to get deader tends to remove any sense of emergency.  Started talking to self on tuesday afternoon... full two-sided debates by friday.  Boss back today, so am spared from developing new personalities to entertain myself.

Not written anything, apart from this, which clearly doesn't count.

Been baffled by trickly topshop sizes.  There is no consistency in the world.  This troubles me.  And makes my after-work-sixteen-minute-shopping-gap problematic.  Generally, I don't try things on in shops.  I find getting dressed once a day quite stressful and don't like to repeat it under pressure in public.  Thus was forced to buy skirt in three different sizes.  Stupid topshop.

So far, failed to return two rejected skirts in wrong size.  Stupid me.

One week to go of solo living.  Strangely peaceful - once I have got over initial coming-home-terror, turned on all lights and checked inside wardrobes for gremlins.  Ally McBeal proving good flatmate, although a tad whiny.  David also there a lot, so alone very little really and rarely have to make my own tea.

Started watching Twin Peaks.  Have never had much fondness for David Lynch, but this could change.

Developed insatiable desire for cherry pie.

*Realised that when left alone in any domestic/work situation, I spend an impractical amount of time picking things up and putting them down again in a slightly different place.  Repeatedly.
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