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Testing, testing

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Testing, testing

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Aim: to investigate whether this internet world (in which I only sort of believe) is a fitting substitute for contact with three-dimensional people.

Methodology: to share the relatively random and insignificant thoughts, that I usually inflict on my (currently awol) flatmate, with the internet community (or the ethereal space where they might reside) on a daily basis.  Editing and fictionalising will be kept to a minimum in order to maintain authenticity (obviously some degree of fabricating is always present).  Failed to establish any kind of "control", so *shrug*.

Context: in this world of palm-top technology and almost constant and mobile internet availability - virtual contact is fast becoming a norm, and perhaps a substitute for real-time human interaction.  This exercise is an attempt to explore the uses, motivations and effects of this medium of communication (and fill time while my flatmate is away, and save me from having to talk to myself).

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